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From August 2011 - Change in TOEFL Speaking Section; New Question Formats


In the first question of the speaking section in iBT TOEFL test you may face differences in 2 ways, both of which or only one might occur:

First Change: Instead of open choices, there are 3 or 4 choices.

Second Change: Instead of asking your "preference" it will ask for your "advice" to someone

"Your friend recently received a large amount of money, should your friend open a new business, save the money, or go back to school? Which would you advise your friend to do, use specific reasons and examples in your answer."

In the second question of the speaking section the possible difference is as follows:

The "old" question would ask you to agree or disagree, or it would give you two choices and ask your preference. The new question asks you to COMPARE and CONTRAST two things AND state your preference

Example: Some people think cats make the best pets, others think dogs do. Compare and contrast cats and dogs as pets, and state which you prefer and why. Use specific details and examples in your answer.

You may get the old format OR the new format. Recently (since August of 2011) we are hearing mostly new format from the test takers.