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TOEFL Vocabulary Practices: Lessons 5 to 8

In the boxes below you can find the vocabulary set essential for TOEFL test. By Double Clicking on each vocabulary in the table you can see the definition of that word with examples. Try it now and evaluate your vocabulary knowledge for iBT TOEFL test.

We add more new practices every week; so stay tuned with us

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson FIVE 
 Tradition  Rural  Burden Campus  Majority Assemble 
 Explore  Topic Debate Evade   Probe Reform
TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson SIX
Approach   Detect Defect Employee Neglect Deceive
 Undoubtedly  Popular  Thorough Client Comprehensive Defraud


TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson SEVEN
 Postpone  Consent  Massive Capsule Preserve  Denounce
 Unique Torrent  Resent Molest Gloomy Unforeseen

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson EIGHT
 Exaggerate Amateur  Mediocre  Variety Valid Survive
 Weird Prominent  Security Bulky Reluctant  Obvious