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TOEFL Vocabulary Practices: Lessons 9 to 12

In the boxes below you can find the vocabulary set essential for TOEFL test. By Double Clicking on each vocabulary in the table you can see the definition of that word with examples. Try it now and evaluate your vocabulary knowledge for iBT TOEFL test.

We add more new practices every week; so stay tuned with us

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson NINE 
 Vicinity  Century  Rage Document Conclude Undeniable
 Resist  Lack Ignore Challenge  Miniature Source
TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson TEN
Excel  Feminine Mount Compete Dread Masculine
 Menace  Tendency  Underestimate Victorious Numerous Flexible


TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson ELEVEN
 Evidence  Solitary  Vision Frequent Glimpse Recent
 Decade Hesitate  Absurd Conflict Minority Fiction

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson TWELVE
 Ignite Abolish  Urban  Population Frank Pollute
 Reveal Prohibit  Urgent Adequate Decrease  Audible