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TOEFL Vocabulary Practices: Lessons 13 to 16

In the boxes below you can find the vocabulary set essential for TOEFL test. By Double Clicking on each vocabulary in the table you can see the definition of that word with examples. Try it now and evaluate your vocabulary knowledge for iBT TOEFL test.

We add more new practices every week; so stay tuned with us

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson THIRTEEN 
 Journalist  Famine  Revive Commence Observant Identify
 Migrate  Vessel Persist Hazy  Gleam Editor
TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson FOURTEEN
Unruly  Rival Violent Brutal Opponent Brawl
 Duplicate  Vicious  Whirling Underdog Thrust Bewildered


TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson FIFTEEN
 Expand  Alter  Mature Sacred Revise Pledge
 Casual Pursue  Unanimous Fortunate Pioneer Innovative

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson SIXTEEN
 Slender Surpass  Vast  Doubt Capacity Penetrate
 Pierce Accurate  Microscope Grateful Cautious  Confident