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TOEFL Vocabulary Practices: Lessons 17 to 20

In the boxes below you can find the vocabulary set essential for TOEFL test. By Double Clicking on each vocabulary in the table you can see the definition of that word with examples. Try it now and evaluate your vocabulary knowledge for iBT TOEFL test.

We add more new practices every week; so stay tuned with us

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson SEVENTEEN 
 Appeal  Addict  Wary Aware Misfortune Avoid
 Wretched  Keg Nourish Harsh  Quantity Opt
TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson EIGHTEEN
Tragedy  Pedestrian Glance Budget Nimble Manipulate
 Reckless  Horrid  Rave Economical Lubricate Ingenious


TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson NINETEEN
 Harvest  Abundant  Uneasy Calculate Absorb Estimate
 Morsel Quota  Threat Ban Panic Appropriate

TOEFL Vocabulary Review - Lesson TWENTY
 Emerge Jagged  Linger  Ambush Crafty Defiant
 Vigor Perish  Fragile Captive Prosper  Devour