TOEFL Listening Skills

The following skills will help you to implement these strategies in the Listening section of the iBT TOEFL test.

Basic Comprehension

Basic comprehension questions are related to what is stated in the passage. These questions may ask about the overall gist (the main idea or overall topic), or they may ask about specific details in the passage.

TOEFL Listening Skill 1: Understand the Gist
TOEFL Listening Skill 2: Understand the Details

Pragmatic Understanding

Pragmatic understanding questions ask about the more subtle understanding of spoken Eng­lish than the main ideas and details that are part of basic comprehension. These questions may test the speakers function, or purpose, in saying something. They may also ask about the speaker's stance, or attitude, toward a particular subject.

TOEFL Listening Skill 3: Understand the Function
TOEFL Listening Skill 4: Understand the Speaker's Stance