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TOEFL Reading Exercises: Communicative TOEFL Reading Practices  

TOEFL reading Exercise - student ibt toefl testWith the proper use of the following communicative activities you can improve your general skills of reading for TOEFL. For most of these activities, you need to work with reading passages. You can find passages from newspapers or magazines, such as Time Magazine, Newsweek, and National Geographic. If the articles in these magazines are too long, you can use part of an article. If you have access to a computer connected to the Internet, you can also find appropriate passages online. You can find hundreds of readings by typing "ESL Readings" into your browser and visiting one of these sites. You can also visit news organizations such as CNN, NPR, or the BBC to look for readings about current events.

     • TOEFL Reading Exercise 1: Scrambled Paragraphs

This activity will help you answer sentence addition items on the test. Choose a paragraph from an appropriate passage. Write out each sentence from the para¬graph on a strip of paper. First, see if your group can put the paragraph back together in the original order. You may have to add some transition words or other hints to make it easier to reassemble the paragraph. Afterwards, exchange your scrambled paragraph with another group. See if they can reassemble your group's paragraph by putting the sentences in the proper order while you do the same with the other group's paragraph.

     • TOEFL Reading Exercise 2: Write Your Own TOEFL Items

Find a suitable passage. Write five TOEFL-like multiple choice questions about this article. Next, exchange articles and questions with another group. After you have answered the questions, check with the group that wrote the test and see if your group has answered the questions correctly.

     • TOEFL Reading Exercise 3: Scanning Race

Your instructor / coordinator will find a suitable reading and then make up ten to twelve questions about it. (These do not have to be multiple-choice questions.) Your group will be given a copy of the reading and of the questions. Don't look at the article or questions until all the groups have received their copies. When your instructor / coordinator says "Go!" try to find the necessary information and answer the questions as quickly as possible. The first group to finish correctly wins. Everyone stops while the instructor or coordinator checks the answers. Making more than one mistake disqualifies a team, and other teams can continue until there is a winner.

     • TOEFL Reading Exercise 4: Idea Auction

This activity provides practice for complete-the-summary items. Your instructor / coordinator will find a passage and write out a list of ideas found in the passage. Half of the ideas will be main ideas that would be included in a passage summary. Half should be minor details or ideas not found in the passage. Each group will receive $100 in play money or credit. After you have read the article, an auction will be held. Your instructor / coordinator will read one of the sentences am offer it for sale. Groups can bid part of their money to "buy" the sentence. The highest bid wins the sentence. The group with the greatest number of correct main ideas at the end of the auction wins.

     • TOEFL Reading Exercise 5: Student teacher

Your instructor / coordinator will choose several students to teach one of the eight reading lessons in this text. Each student who is selected will go back and study the lesson in detail, write out a lesson plan, and give a five- to ten-minute presentatior on the lesson.