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          TOEFL Reading Sample Layout: Toolbar

   The toolbar in each section of the ETS TOEFL test allows test takers to navigate through the test with ease. The following are examples of testing tools from the TOEFL Reading sections of the TOEFL test. The section is always found in the upper left-hand corner of the toolbar.

TOEFL Reading Sample Toolbar

  - Volume: enables test takers to adjust the volume of the Listening material.

  - Help: gives test takers a way to get relevant help. When test takers use the Help feature, the clock does not stop.

  - Next: allows test takers to proceed to the next question.

  - View Text: Test takers can view the entire passage when answering questions. For some questions, they need to click View Text to see the entire reading passage.

  - Review: They can view all of their answers by clicking on Review. This allows them to return to any other question and change their answers. They can also see which questions they have skipped and still need to answer.

  - Back: In the Reading section, test takers can also click on Back at any time to return to the previous question.

         TOEFL Reading Sample Layout: Question Formats

The following pictures are real screen shots of the TOEFL test's reading section. Here you will find 3 possible question types:

 I. Questions with four, or sometimes more than four, choices and a single, or even multiple, answer in multiple-choice format. In some questions a single answer that ask test takers to “insert a
sentence” where it fits best in a passage will follow the multiple-choice format questions.

 II. Category Chart Question Example: Click on the picture to read the explanation

 III. Summary Question Example: Click on the picture to read the explanation



TOEFL Reading sample question format
Multiple-choice Format

iBT TOEFL Reading sample Question
Category Chart Question Format
iBT TOEFL Reading sample Question Screen shot
Summary Question Format

Adapted from The official guide to the toefl test, McGraw-Hill