TOEFL Reading Skills

TOEFL Reading Skills

The following skills will help you to implement the TOEFL Reading strategies in the Reading section of the iBT TOEFL test. The skills that are mentioned by far are categorized into several groups. Each skill refers to one or more than one question type that you will face during the test. By reviewing the skills and practicing on then you can master the methods of answering reading questions in the TOEFL test.

We add more skill links every week so stay tuned with us.

Understand Vocabulary from The Context  Reading skill 1
How to determine the meaning of a word or phrase
you don't know in context 

Recognize Referents  Reading skill 2
How to determine the referent for a particular 

pronoun or adjective

Simplify Meanings of Sentences   Reading skill 3
Choose the one answer that is closest to the meaning 

of a sentence

Inserts Sentences into The Passage  Reading skill 4
Indicate that the sentence should be inserted in which 


Finding Accurate Stated Information Reading skill 5
Answers to these multiple-choice questions are often 


Understand Negative Details Reading skill 6
Find an answer that is not stated, or not mentioned, or not true

in the passage

Make Influences From Mentioned Details  Reading skill 7
Answer a mul­tiple-choice question by drawing a conclusion 

from a specific detail or details


We add more skills every week so stay tuned with us.