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TOEFL Reading Strategies

There are many different tactics mentioned in different sources of iBT TOEFL test, but the following tactics are commonly used in most of the reliable references available for iBT TOEFL test. Read them carefully and try to use them during the TOEFL Reading test and TOEFL practices before the real test.

• As with all sections of the test, be familiar with the directions. When the directions appear, click on the Dismiss Directions button right away.

• First look over the passage quickly, then look over the questions about the passage (not the answer choices, just the questions). Try to hold these ques¬tions in your mind or take some quick notes as you look them over.

Read the passage at a comfortable rate, looking especially for information that the questions ask about. If it is helpful, take notes as you read.

Answer the questions, referring back to the passage as necessary.

Skip questions that you find difficult. Go back to these by means of the review feature after answering the last question on the test.

• If there are some questions that you think you can answer correctly, but you still have some doubts about them, keep track of the numbers of  questions on your notepaper. If you have enough time, go back to skipped questions after you've answered the questions that you skipped.

Don't spend too much time on anyone question or passage.

Leave yourself time to use the review feature at the end of this section.

• If you haven't finished when only a few minutes remain, skim quickly though any part of the passages that you haven't read. Then answer vocabulary or reference questions that you haven't completed yet. After that, read the remaining questions. If you can't find the answer in the passage quickly, pick the answer choice that seems most logical to you.

• When there is only about a minute left, make sure that you have answered all the questions even if you have to guess.

• Even if you finish all the questions and checked the ones you found difficult, don't stop working on this section before the time runs out. Keep checking your work until the sixty minutes are up.