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TOEFL Speaking Skill 1: Plan The Free-choice Response

The first and most important step in the independent free-choice task in the Speaking section of the iBT TOEFL test is to decode the question to determine what the intended outline is. Independent free-choice questions generally give clear clues about how your answer should be constructed. It is important to follow the clues that are given in the topic when you are plan­ning your answer. You will probably not be given too much credit for a response that does not cover the question in the way that is intended.

The following chart outlines the key information that you should remember about planning the response.

Each question in the independent free-choice task shows you what you discuss and how you should organize your response. You must decode the carefully to determine the intended way of organizing your response. You include a topic statement and support.
Support your topic statement with the kinds -of support that the question

for (such as reasons, details, or examples), and try to personalize your much as possible. The more support you have, the better your response will be.

Study the following question.

Question: Where would you like to be professionally in ten years? Use details to support your response.

As you read this topic, you should quickly determine that you should state clearly where you would like to be professionally in ten years and support that statement with details. You will have a little bit of time before you speak to plan your ideas. Study the following plan for the response to the question.

Topic Statement: I would like to own my own business

Support: How I will work toward owning my business

Will get master's in business (entrepreneurship)
Will work in company while planning my business
Will start my own business when I am ready

In this plan, there is a topic statement about owning my own business and supporting details about the steps I will take to work toward this goal.