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TOEFL Speaking Skill 2: Make The Free-Choice Response

After you have planned your response, you need to make your response. As you make your response, you should think about the following three things:

(1) you should start with a topic statement,  

(2) you should support the topic statement, and  

(3) you should use transitions to show how the ideas are related.

The following chart outlines the key information you should remember about making the response.

Start your response with a topic statement that states the main point of the response.
Include details to support the topic statement.
Use transitions to show how the ideas in the response are related.

Look at the plan for a response to the independent speaking task on where you would like to be in ten years and a sample response based on these notes.

Topic Statement: I would like to own my own business

Support: how I will work toward owning my business

Detailswill get master's in business (entrepreneurship)

will work in company while planning my business

will start my own business when I am ready

In ten years I would like to own an import business of my own. Next year I will be starting a master's program in business with a specialization in entrepreneurship. I will be getting this degree because I hope to start my own business and make it successful someday. After I finish my master's degree three years from now I will most likely take a position in another company for a few years to make some money and to spend some time planning my own business. Within ten years I hope to own my own company and be on the way to making it a success.

You should notice that this response includes a topic statement followed by several supporting details. The transitions in ten years, next year, three years from now, and within ten years are used to show how the ideas are related.