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TOEFL Speaking Exercises: Communicative Speaking Activities 

TOEFL Speaking Exercise 5: Survivor Supplies (Small-Group Activity)

Imagine that your group must spend a year on a deserted tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Before you leave, you can buy supplies and equipment that you will need during the year. You have $10,000 to spend. Visit Internet sites that sell this type of merchandise and make a list of the items you would buy for your stay on the island.
Afterwards, report to the class what your group has decided to buy and why.
The class votes on which group has best equipped themselves with their $10,000 purchase.


TOEFL Speaking Exercise 6: Talk Show (Small-Group Activity)

If possible, watch some talk shows on television at home and pay attention to the format of these programs.
The class will divide into small groups. One student acts as the host or hostess.
Other students are guests, and they play the role of some famous person they are familiar with: an actor, musician, athlete, politician, etc. The host/hostess asks the guests relevant questions, and the guests may chat among themselves.
If possible, videotape the talk shows. After all the groups have performed, dis¬cuss as a class which group's show was the most interesting.


TOEFL Speaking Exercise 7: Television Report (Class/Pairs Activity)

The coordinator or instructor will record an English-language show from television: a comedy, a segment from a "news magazine" show, etc.
The class will divide into two groups, A and B. Group B leaves the room while Group A watches the first half of the show and takes notes. Group B then comes back and forms pairs with students from Group A. Using their notes, Group A stu¬dents give their partners a summary of what they saw. Group A students then leave the room while Group B students watch the second half of the show and take notes on it. The Group A students then return to the room. Then Group B students tell their partners about the second half of the program. Afterwards, all the students can watch the program together.


TOEFL Speaking Exercise 8: Write Your Own Independent Speaking Items (Individual Activity)

Using the items in Lessons 15 and 16 as models, write either a Personal Preference or a Paired Choice prompt. Try to make your prompt as realistic as possible. Afterwards, exchange your prompt with a partner. Your partner can prepare and give a brief response based on your prompt.


TOEFL Speaking Exercise 9: Student Teacher (Individual Activity)

Your instructor / coordinator will choose several students to teach one of the six Speaking lessons in this text. Students who are selected will go back and study "their" lesson in detail, write out a lesson plan, and give a five- to ten-minute pre¬sentation on the lesson.