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Communicative Activities for iBT TOEFL Writing Section - Part 2

  • Activity 6: Editing Race (Pairs or Small-Group Activity)

The instructor/coordinator will take a short passage from a newspaper, magazine, or Web site and rewrite it, adding a set number of grammatical or mechanical errors (say 10, 15, or 20). The coordinator will then give the passage with these mistakes to each pair or small group. As a group, try to find and mark these errors as quickly as possible. The first group to correctly identify all the errors wins.

  • Activity 7: Now You're Cooking (Small Group Activity)

Each student chooses a well-known international dish or a dish from his/her own country, then finds a recipe for that dish. Students can use a cookbook, visit an online cooking Web site, or e-mail someone who knows how to prepare the dish. The coordinator/instructor will choose several complicated dishes (from a cookbook or recipe) including the list of necessary ingredients and the directions for preparing the dish. Everyone takes notes. Afterwards, group members compare notes and try to recreate the recipes in writing.

  • Activity 8: Sentence Auction (Small- Group/Class Activity)

The instructor/coordinator takes a number of sentences from a newspaper, magazine, or Web site and rewrites them. Some sentences will be correct, some will have one mistake, and some will have two. Each group then receives $250.00 in play money or in an "account." The instructor / coordinator will then auction off each sentence. In other words, each group makes a bid (an offer) and the highest offer wins the sentence. A sentence with no mistakes is worth five points, one with one mistake is worth two points, and one with two mistakes is worth no points. The group with the greatest number of points at the end of the auction wins.

  • Activity 9: Write Your Own Prompts (Pair Activity)

Look over some of the prompts for Independent Writing Tasks in this section of The Guide. With a partner, write one or more prompts of your own. Try to make these prompts as much as possible like the prompts that appear on actual tests. Afterwards, share the prompts that you wrote with the class. Decide which are the most accurate (most similar to those on real tests) and which ones would be the most interesting to write about. If you like, you can choose one of these prompts and, for more practice, write a response to it.

  • Activity 10: Student Teacher (Individual Activity)

Your instructor / coordinator will choose several students to teach one of the eight Writing lessons in this text. Students who are selected will go back and study those lessons in detail, write out a lesson plan, and give a five- to ten-minute presentation on the lesson.