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toefl-writing-keyboardThe total time for the iBT TOEFL's Writing section is 50 minutes. Test takers write their responses to two writing tasks. Responses are typed into the computer and sent to ETS's Online Scoring Network where they are scored by certified raters.


Task 1: TOEFL Integrated Writing Task  (Read/Listen/Write)

I. Test takers read a short text of about 230---300 words (reading time, 3 minutes) on an academic topic.

II. Test takers may take notes on the reading passage.

III. The reading passage disappears from the screen during the lecture that follows. It reappears when test takers begin writing so they can refer to it as they work .

IV. Test takers listen to a speaker discuss the same topic from a different perspective. The listening passage is about 230~300 words long (listening tima.Z minutes).

V. The listening passage provides additional information that relates to points made in the reading passage. Test takers may take notes on the listening passage .

VI. Test takers write a summary in connected English prose of important points made in the listening passage, and explain how these relate to the key points of the reading passage. Suggested response length is 150---225 words; however, there is no penalty for writing more as long as it is in response to the task presented.

Task 2: TOEFL Independent Writing  (Writing from Experience and Knowledge)

I. Test takers write an essay that states, explains, and supports their opinion on an issue. An effective essay will usually contain a minimum of 300 words; however, test takers may write more if they wish.

II. Test takers must support their opinions or choices rather than simply list personal preferences or choices .

III. Typical essay questions begin with statements such as:

- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use reasons and specific details to support your answer.

- Some people believe X. Other people believe Y. Which of these two positions do you prefer/agree with? Give reasons and specific details.