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TOEFL Speaking Practice
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TOEFL Speaking Practices: Basic Level

The following links are downloadable PDF files containing TOEFL writing practices designed for students with basic level of English language knowledge. Each file includes some writing questions as it appears  in the real iBT TOEFL test. You can download the files and print them if necessary, or read them in your monitor screen and answer to the questions in a timely manner as in the real TOEFL test in a piece of paper. We recommend you to keep your answers so that you can evaluate yourself or have an expert or even a friend evaluate your skills. This way you can understand your errors and keep getting better during your efforts.

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TOEFL Writing Practice 1   This TOEFL writing practice is related to     ETS TOEFL

TOEFL Writing Practice 2   This TOEFL writing practice is related to     ETS TOEFL

TOEFL Writing Practice 3   This TOEFL writing practice is related to     ETS TOEFL

TOEFL Writing Practice 4   This TOEFL writing practice is related to     ETS TOEFL